World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project

World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - A project ran solely off donations, the World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project still stands; showing the beauty of a country coming together in a time of grief.

The day that brought silence across the entire country, now 16 years later it's more than just a passage in the history books, it's the day people remember so differently yet so vividly. TThe World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project shares those memories, those stories and those lost, all together in one through a single stitch.

"It's really cool seeing how these people can come together from all over the world to make these really beautiful quilts for people who lost their lost in something as horrible as what happened," explained 14 year old, Caitlyn Sanders when asked about the WTC Memorial Quilt project.

The different quilts are made up of 12 inch red, white and blue individual quilt blocks hand stitched star designs. With over 7 thousand squares, every single one is different and every single 9/11 victims' name and age is displayed along with the creator of the quilt square.

"It puts into perspective of what happened and how many people lost their lives, and how as a country we haven't forgot and kept it alive," stated Dawn Sanders.

With over 6,000 wounded and 2,996 killed in the horrific attacks on September 11, 2001 the quilts continue to keep the memories of those who have perished alive and well.

"That day changed our lives forever and I'm proud of this. It's a good memorial for everyone and to so many innocent people," said Quilt Keeper, Beverly Kuemin.

The World Trade Center Memorial Quilt Project will be at the Meridian Mall until 9pm Monday September 11, 2017.

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