Planning Commission Addresses Golf Course Green Space

Planning Commission Addresses Golf Course Green Space

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Planning Commission addressed two articles of unfinished business at their meeting on August 28, 2017.

The first item discussed was Special Use Permit #17041, which seeks to establish an adult foster care small group home at 1433 Wilshire Road. Although a majority of neighbors opposed the permit, the Commission voted to approve it 5-1.

Also discussed was Zoning Amendment #17030, which would allow golf courses to be considered green space in the Planned Unit Development and Planned Residential Development sections of the Zoning Ordinance. The definition of what constituted a golf course was discussed, including a minimum of 3 or more contiguous holes and must operate as a golf course. However, the Amendment is still in the drafting phase and will be presented as a full resolution at the next meeting.

The next Planning Commission meeting will be held Monday, September 11th.

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