New Alert Siren to be Installed in Meridian Township

New Alert Siren to be Installed in Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Safety, a main concern in every community.

Meridian Township's Fire Department plans to enhance the safety throughout various locations of the community.

With the addition of eight warning alert sirens. These sirens will be an sound during severe weather conditions. A key location for one of the sirens is Wonch Park on Okemos Road.

At the July 25th Park Commission meeting this was a resolution up for vote.

Meridian Township Director of Parks and Recreation LuAnn Maisner said the sired would be located near the restroom building, being about 24 ft. tall and nearly 20 inches in diameter.

According to Maisner, during the meeting she said the Fire Chief spoke to her directly and said from a public safety standpoint this location is a central area of the community.

"They are looking at one of the highest places, close to neighborhoods, where people can hear it," Maisner said. "This was one of the prime locations. This could be one of the first ones they do, that's how important this is."

With this location being a prime spot, this is being planned to be the first installation.

The resolution was approved unanimously.


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