Protecting Children From The Internet and Social Media

Protecting Children From The Internet and Social Media

LANSING - Some dangers you can monitor, and even avoid, having come in the way of your children. However, with the rising demand in technology and the usage of social media, it can be a lot more difficult.

Computers are often used by children as young as four to five years old today, and social media being used by students who are as young as in elementary school. Parents are advised to pay carful attention to their children, the websites they are visiting, and the people they are communicating with, while they are using the internet.

In assistance to parents, Michigan has implemented programs such as OK2Say, Cyber Safety and ProtectMiChild, in order to assist with ensuring the safety of their loved ones.

“…in many of the cases, the school and the parents, did not even know there was an issue happening and the student felt safe enough to talk to OK2Say and get the help, and find a solution to what they were going through,” says says Megan Hawthorne, Deputy Press Secretary of the Michigan Attorney General.

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