The Dangers of Leaving Kids and Pets in Hot Cars

The Dangers of Leaving Kids and Pets in Hot Cars

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - There are some parents who may bring their children and pets everywhere they go, even to the store. Some may bring them into the store while they shop, other may leave them in the car.

During the hot summer months, there are often many cases that are reported to both the Meridian Police Department and the Ingham County Animal Shelter, about both little ones, and furry ones, being left in the car alone.

“…we get a couple of calls like that a day, about animals being left in hot cars. And the public is really, really concerned about that, and for good reason.” says Kate Turner, Customer Service and Community Outreach Manager of the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter. “So, we put that as one of our top priories during the hot summer days, we try to get an officer out there right away.”

Often underestimating the risks and dangers of leaving children and pets in cars during hot days, residents often forget the legal, and unchangeable, consequences that can be associated with their actions.

Greg Frenger, Meridian Township’s Police Captain, says it always best to never leave you’re children or pets in the car, and if you happen to to see such as case, to report it as soon as you can.

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