Avoiding Consumer Scams

Avoiding Consumer Scams

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - With the temperature increasing, and school being out, people begin to start looking for ways to go on quick, and cheap, vacations and make fast cash. Although these intentions may seem innocent to come, to others, they are the perfect victims to fall for consumer scams.

Every year, Americans fall victims to scams that often result in money laundering, thief, credit fraud, and more, for the victim.

“It's very important that you, let the, consumer protection division know, that you have fallen victim to a scam,” says Megan Hawthorne, Deputy Press Secretary of the Michigan Attorney General. “They can help you ,walk you through the steps to hopefully recover what it is that you lost, and they can also will have a not of what this particular company, or what this particular scam is so they know to stop it so it doesn't happen again.”

Residents who have fallen victim to a scam can either file a complaint with the Consumer’s Division of the Attorney General’s Office and the Michigan Division of the Better Business Bureau. Residents can even contact their local police department for additional information or resources.

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