Harris Nature Center Summer Camps

Harris Nature Center Summer Camps

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It's officially summer, an exciting time for many young children.

With many different activities going on at the Harris Nature Center (HNC), one popular summer attraction is the Center's Nature Connection Summer Camps. Camps are available for children going into 8th grade all the way down to tiny toddlers.

The HNC offers a wide range of classes there are 1-day, 2-day or 4-day camps that last 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours.

All day camps within the HNC are nature themed with an emphasis on ecology. Camps are arranged and designed with activities and fun-filled adventures for all ages.

"It's enjoyable for us when a child comes to camp and next week mom or dad calls and signs them up again, and it's a really good feeling because we know the kid had a good time, and they want to be back out in nature, and we make sure the kids are happy and having fun. And we sneak in the educational piece. It's more so about just having a good summer camp time," explained Senior Park Naturalist Kati Adams,

There is a wide range of summer camps offered at the HNC - from my cub & I summer camp, timber tots summer camps, all the way to crafty critters day camps and wild about animals day camps.

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