Lake Lansing SAD Seeks Ten Year Renewal

Lake Lansing SAD Seeks Ten Year Renewal

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board discussed the renewal of the Lake Lansing Special Assessment District (SAD) at their meeting on July 6th.

The Lake Lansing SAD was established in 1998 and is made up of a committee of six members who are responsible for improving and maintaining the quality of Lake Lansing and its watershed.

Lake Lansing SAD Chairman Curtis Armbruster gave a presentation before the Board regarding the roles and future goals of the committee.

The committee is looking to be renewed for the next ten years.

During the discussion, the Board had several questions regarding the funding of Lake Lansing SAD.

Lake Lansing SAD has had an $80,000 budget for the last ten years.

Of that budget, $10,000 comes from Meridian Township, $5,000 from Ingham County and $500 from Michigan State University. The remaining comes from the Special Assessment District, meaning the over 400 properties around and near the lake.

Lake Lansing SAD is looking to increase the budget to $90,000 as a result of slightly increasing the fees of the Special Assessment District.

"You are looking at 10 years for a $10,000 increase. I think it is very reasonable because you are looking into the future. Who knows from 5 years or 6 years from now it is going to bring?" saidĀ Township Supervisor Ron Styka. "It's a very conservative approach and I support it also. The lake is a jewel of Meridian Township."

The motion to either approve or deny the renewal will not be until the next Board meeting on July 18.


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