12 Meridian Township Roads Will Receive Upgrade

12 Meridian Township Roads Will Receive Upgrade

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Local roads scattered around Meridian Township are getting a facelift. Neighborhoods contain cracked roads that had once been filled with tar to serve as a temporary fix is no longer working.

Of the 147 miles of local roads that were reviewed, 12 local roads were selected around Meridian Township for the 2017 Local Roads Project.

Julie Brixie, Meridian Township Treasurer made a point regarding the need to repair the roads within the Township at the June 20th Township Board meeting.

"It's shocking to me, how bad the roads are getting. Not just our local subdivision roads and the state roads," Brixie mentioned. "It's kind of staggering how awful they are. And I think it's something that our residents continue to talk about."

The neighborhood roads that were selected this year have not been repaired in the span of 25 years, which in turn would make those roads more of a priority.

The road improvements on the 12 local roads is equivalent to about 2.88 miles, according to Derek Perry, the Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering for Meridian Township.

The 12 local roads include:
-Woodwind Trail, Lake Drive to Oak Park Trail
-Woodside, White Ash to Haslett Rd
-Woodside, White Ash to Ventura
-E. Hidden Lake, Sapphire to Burcham
-Whistler, Park Lake Rd to Blue Haven
-Chippewa, Arrowhead to Ottawa
-Ardmore, Kent to Grand River Ave.
-Birchwood, Tacoma to Kenosha East
-Alderwood, Silkwood to Ivywood
-Satinwood, Silkwood to Ivywood
-Heartwood, S. End to Comanche
-Dustin, Heartwood to S. End

"Our target normally is four miles but again, as our streets get worse and worse, it just becomes more costly," stated Perry.

The project is estimated to cost around $767,958.00 in total.


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