Technology in the Classroom Influencing Today's Youth

Technology in the Classroom Influencing Today's Youth

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Today's youth is coding, 3-D printing and turning their creative designs into a reality. Technology is becoming more apparent in the classroom and making an impact on students all around Meridian Township.

This is being done early on, in Elementary Classrooms through the collaborative study of STEAM. This is an acronym for the practice of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

This class is providing another opportunity for children to discover discover a passion at a young age.

Haslett's Murphy Elementary Student, Seamus said technology is something he spends a lot of time on, and definitely will continue to use as a hobby or job in the future.

"I spend a lot of time on my computer making things, taking coding classes," he said. "Using it then having it transform into the real world, that is amazing for me. I just love that concept."

Surrounding schools, realize how beneficial it is to bring in technology equipment and teach students how to work with them. Foundation for Haslett Schools President, Kelly Flagg spoke on the benefits of the new 3-D Printers added to their curriculum.

"I go into the classrooms and I look at what they are doing, and I see the enjoyment on their faces and the new and innovative ideas," Flagg said. "It makes me want to go back and do some of the STEM/STEAM programs they have here."

Many of the printers in the classroom, were first tested out at nearby tinkrLAB, a store located in Meridian Mall that houses all technology advancements and equipment.

Melissa and Chris Allen Co-Own this lab, where they make efforts to train and support the youth, educators and all general public to come learn, and grow with technology.

"We really want to work with the educators, schools, and the parents because they know their child the best. They know what their child needs," Allen said. "So we want to work with the parents and the educators so that the kids can get what they need, so they can become the people they desire to be."

tinkrLAB believes kids are the future. This is why they not only work with schools, but also continue their efforts throughout the summer with tinkrCAMPS. There are varying camp times and locations throughout the summer, which can be found on their website.

Technology continues to evolve over time and today's youth understands this to be true, as they are moving alongside with all advancements.

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