House Bill Could Prohibit Cellphone Use While Driving

House Bill Could Prohibit Cellphone Use While Driving

LANSING - A House bill could be passed that would prohibit all cellphone use while driving.

Meridian Township Police Sergeant Scott Dawson said if the bill is passed, a warning period would begin the enforcement.

"Some people may not be aware of the law," Dawson said. "After a period of time, we would just be enforcing the law, just like we do any other law."

Dawson said the proposed bill is not a bad idea.

"The way our texting law was written, or at least incorporated by the courts, leaves open an awful lot of stuff people can do driving down the road that is no technically texting either."

Dawson said if the House bill was passed, Meridian Township Police would incorporate specific times where an officer would patrol the streets and focus on this law.

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