Urban Services Boundary Could Hurt Haslett Public Schools

Urban Services Boundary Could Hurt Haslett Public Schools

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Urban Services Boundary indicates where the Meridian Township is responsible for providing public utilities such as water and sanitary sewer services within the Township. The purpose of the boundary is to promote housing developments within certain areas of the Township.

The Township Board recommended where they believe the Urban Services Boundary should fall. The Planning Commission also recommended the same line for the boundary with the exception of two areas; area 3 and area 6. During the Township Board meeting on May 16th, 2017 the Board discussed revisions for area 3 and area 6 for the Urban Services Boundary

A major concern that has arose is how the boundary will effect the Haslett School District which falls within area 3. Haslett Public Schools Superintendent Steven L. Cook sent a letter to address their concerns with area 3 of the boundary. In the letter Cook explains Haslett Public Schools fully supports housing developments and they do not want the boundary to prevent any future housing developments in that area. Cook went on to explain that 15 percent of their current student population are “School of Choice” students and they’d ideally like to fill their schools with more Haslett residents.

The Township Board, so far, has shown mixed feelings on where the boundary should and shouldn’t be drawn. Trustee Phil Deschaine said, “If we want to encourage Haslett to be one of the top schools in the country, as it has been, I think this board needs to be real careful with the Urban Services Boundary that we don’t block out a large development that could significantly benefit the Haslett Schools.”

The Urban Service Boundary will be an agenda action item during the next Township Board Meeting.


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