Mix Use Development Populate Meridian Township

Mix Use Development Populate Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Mixed Use Planned Urban Developments (MUPUD) have been populating Meridian Township.

MUPUDs are a type of housing that has a commercial business or business office attached.

ďAnd itís kind of a lifestyle center rather than a neighborhood where you have to drive to services," Senior Planner Peter Menser said. "You can get a lot of those services right there on the property.Ē

One example is the Hannah Convenience Store attached to the Hannah Lofts where the residents are not the only ones benefiting from the business.

ďItís a built-in clientele, they have nowhere to go, so itís more convenience for them to shop and they donít have to drive," Hannah Convenience Store owner Gurjinder Singh said.

Hannah Lofts and Townhouse Manager Samantha Brady said MUPUDs are the type of housing unit people are looking to live in.

ďYeah, the residents definitely seem to enjoy it,' Brady said. "Itís something they kind of look for as like an extra bonus.Ē

Red Cedar Flats, located off of Grand River, is one MUPUD in the making that will begin housing residents in spring 2017.

Hannah Farms East, located at Hannah Boulevard and Eyde Parkway, is still under review.


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