New Businesses Boost Meridian's Economic Development

New Businesses Boost Meridian's Economic Development

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - This spring, Meridian Township will be experiencing the blooming of new businesses.

"They're taking a place that has been kind of vacant before and filing it so we're happy that it brings an overall thriving economic community," said Peter Menser, Senior Planner of Meridian Township.

One of those businesses is LO Eyecare. They are expanding their Lansing area locations and coming to Meridian Township.

"We have been serving the Okemos, Haslett and East Lansing areas for most of our existence," said Dan Badgely, Executive Director of LO Eyecare.

As for joining the growing economic Meridian community, he said, "we are very happy to be here."

LO Eyecare is not the only business coming to Meridian Township this year.

Recently opened businesses include Sir Pizza on Lake Road and Grand River Avenue, Big John's Steak & Onion in the Jolly Road Shopping Center and an existing businesses that moved to the same shopping center is Salon Red.

Menser said all of this growth has benefits to the Township.

"They're going to be paying property taxes, they'll be employing people, they're occupying places and they boost the overall profile of the community," Menser said.

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