A Fan With The Potential to Save Lives

A Fan With The Potential to Save Lives

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - This time of year carbon monoxide can be a big concern when it comes to heating your home.

The Meridian Township Fire Dept. has recently received new equipment that not only helps combat this issue but can also save lives.

Previously, paramedics carried two separate fans to the scene of a fire- one gas and one electrical, but a new piece of technology not only replaces these two fans, but works more efficiently than the previous two combined.

"One of the new additions this here to the department we're replacing some of our positive pressure fans. These fans introduce fresh air into smoky environments or environments where the air is not safe to breath," Meridian Township Firefighter/Paramedic Chris Johnson said.

The Positive Pressure Ventilation fan is not only smaller and more efficient, but also has both an internal battery and a backup plug.

The fan also has multiple speeds and levels that can be used.

It can easily be deployed by one person as it weighs about 40 pounds less than a conventional ventilation fan.


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