Holt High School Takes Steps Towards Battling Distracted Driving

Holt High School Takes Steps Towards 
Battling Distracted Driving

HOLT - Holt High School is taking a stance against distracted driving. Verizon and the Michigan State Police teamed up and hosted a program at the high school to encourage students to put their phones down while behind the wheel.

During the event speakers stressed the importance of safe driving and encouraged students to keep any distractions out of sight while driving. One speaker, Holt High Principal Michael Williard even shared a story about his younger brother who was killed an accident involving distracted driving.

The program is still very new in Michigan. Vice President of Communications at Verizon Jeffery Nelson explained, "This is the second time we've done it here in Michigan, we were last year in Novi for the very first time and the Superintendent here in Holt, uh was vey persuasive with Michigan State Police, a great partner with Verizon, and us to come here to Holt."

As part of the program 1,700 Holt High School students signed a pledge to reduce distracted driving in their daily lives. Students who signed the pledge were also entered into a drawing to win t-shirts, movie passes, and one of two iPads donated by the Michigan State Trooper Assistance Fund.

Although cellphone use is a larger factor, students were also made aware that distracted driving isn't just using your phone while on the road. Distracted driving is anything that takes attention away from the road including, eating, putting on make-up, and looking down at a GPS.

Verizon also provided students with a cellphone wallet card with the message "One Text or Call Could Wreck It All," so student could always be reminded of the dangers of distracted driving.

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