80 Students Plant Trees at Ferguson Park

80 Students Plant Trees at Ferguson Park

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - 80 students from Chippewa Middle School recently planted 10 native, flowering trees at Ferguson Park located in Meridian Township.

Students from three eight grade classes took time out of their school day to plant the trees. Meridian Township was approved for a land grant from Consumer's Energy to purchase ten native trees of multiple different species.

Hopes are that the native trees will replace the trees that have already died due to an Emerald Ash Borer insect. Additional efforts and motivation included promoting biodiversity and beautifying the natural area along the existing tree line.

The issue was explained to the students right before the shoveling of soil began. The students were told how the Emerald Ash Border insect has negatively affected the area. Meridian Township made this proposal to replenish the natural area.

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