Meridian Township Accepts the Consumer's Energy Tree Grant Award

Meridian Township Accepts the Consumer's 
Energy Tree Grant Award

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township received the Consumer's Energy Tree Grant. At the October 11 Planning Commission meeting, the commission unanimously voted to accept the grant.

The grant offers $1,000 for ten trees.

“It’s important for us to work with the townships, villages and cities we serve to facilitate two vital goals: beautifully landscaped communities and reliable electric service,” said Chris Niemi, manager of forestry operations for Consumers Energy. “Our Tree Planting Grant Program has an educational component in addition to the funding mechanism that makes it a great tool for helping communities plant trees appropriate for their locations.”

Consumers Energy provides prospective communities a guide titled “Right Tree Right Place,” a concept developed by the National Arbor Day Foundation, which shows how to choose appropriate tree species and suitable sites in community locations near electric lines.

The proposed area is Ferguson Park. Three species of trees resistant to the high waters of the area will be added.

"As you're driving down Okemos Road, if you looked to the west you would see the beautiful Wonch Park, with the community mural on the building, the new pavilion, the fitness zone and the nice trail. And then when you look to the east you'll see beautiful Ferguson Park," said LuAnn Maisner, Meridian Township's director of parks and recreation. "The trip down Okemos Road will be beautiful, no matter which way you look."

The trees must be planted by November 15. The Park Commission has coordinated with the students at Chippewa Middle School to plant the trees.

Once the planting is completed, a Consumers Energy forester will verify the tree species and locations.

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