Habits of Distracted Driving Start at Home

Habits of Distracted Driving Start at 

HASLETT - One local driving school is taking the necessary steps to educate young drivers on how to be safe behind the wheel.

Mr. R’s driving school located in Haslett takes a hands on approach about not only protecting yourself on the road, but the other drivers around you.

Distracted driving can vary from texting, eating and even changing the radio station. According to Distraction.gov drivers ages 16 to 24 use electronic devices at a higher rate than older drivers.

One major takeaway he has for young drivers and their parents is to make sure they serve as an example to their children when they are behind the wheel.

“It starts early, it starts really early when kids are old enough to observe their parents and are in the backseat. They see them dialing, texting and looking at emails when they drive and that's a big deal because they're getting that confirmation bias ‘oh that's okay’. Mommy hasn’t died in a crash while texting so I won’t either,” said Jason Redoutey, Driving Instructor at Mr. R's Driving School.

Distracted driving is the number one cause of fatal crashes for drivers 15 to 19 years old.

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