TJ Booms Receives Firefighter of the Year Award

TJ Booms Receives Firefighter of the 
Year Award

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Timothy Booms, or better known as TJ Booms, is a firefighter paramedic with the Meridian Township Fire Department.

He was nominated and selected by the American Legion Department of Michigan. The American Legion was chartered and incorporated in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization and they present very prestigious awards to very deserving recipients. Meridian Township, however, has never had anyone in the entire area get this particular award.

TJ Booms was nominated by Marilyn Britten of the American Legion Department as a result of his work not only at the fire department, but his work outside of the department and in the community.

Booms comes up with ideas for community projects and outreach programs to better serve the residents of the township. "We built a 2 car garage for a handicap resident here in Meridian Township," says TJ. According to Marilyn Britten, "other people knew that this citizen was having problems and nobody else stepped forward, but he did."

Britten goes on to explain how TJ Booms organized firefighters, donations, and grant money to help him get the project done.

While the title doesn't come with any new responsibilities, one of TJ's main concerns is to live up to his award while continuing to serve his community.

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