Traffic Study to Be Conducted on Marsh Road to Address Safety

Traffic Study to Be Conducted on Marsh 
Road to Address Safety

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - School related traffic on Marsh Road has become an issue in Meridian Township. Since 2011, there have been seven angle crashes at the drives of Haslett High School.

Many residents of Meridian Township agree that traffic on Marsh Road near Haslett High School has become a problem.

Local resident, Juanita Grissom stated, “I think it’s pretty dangerous. I can see kids and teenagers trying to pull out of the school during school season and if my son were to go there, I would be really worried about him. They really need to consider putting a traffic light up there.”

Changes to the area to help make the roads safer have already been underway according to Meridian Township Assistant Chief of Police, Ken Plaga.

“Haslett High School driveway is out onto Marsh Road and some years ago they reduced the speed limit during school hours to school zone speeds, which is 25 mph,” stated Plaga.

Several weeks ago, Haslett Superintendent, Mike Duda, approached Meridian Township about investigating some ways to improve safety of the ingress and egress at Haslett High School.

The Township staff recently met to discuss the possibility of conducting a traffic study in the area in order to distinguish the safest route for future growth. The estimated cost of the study is $5,000 - $10,000.

Derek Perry, Meridian Township's Assistant Township Manager and Director of the Public Works & Engineering said, “The ultimate goal is to improve safety up there, and that’s why we want the study. To look at all of those options and to say ‘here is the best on to improve safety’.”

Perry attended the Township Board meeting on Tuesday, June 21 to address the board members. He suggested that a traffic engineer get involved to assess the problem.

He said, “The options could be something as simple as some signage that restrict some turning movements, which is obviously a low cost option, all the way up to a full blown traffic signal.”

Perry presented a formal request to the Township Board for an allocation on the project in order to move forward.

The Township Board members unanimously approved the proposal on Tuesday, June 21. They authorized Perry to proceed with the expenditure.

Township staff will be in contact with a traffic engineer in the near future in order to begin the traffic study and make the area safer.

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