Park Commission Board Approves Hillbrook Tennis Courts for 2016 Renovation

Park Commission Board Approves Hillbrook 
Tennis Courts for 2016 Renovation

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Improvements are in store for Hillbrook Park. The Park Commission gathered June 14th to discuss renovations for the park's tennis court.

The proposal was approved for a 2016 repair. These courts were installed in 1972 and over the years they have continued to breakdown

Parks and Recreation Director LuAnn Maisner said there has been numerous complaints on condition of the Hillbrook tennis courts, as they are in need of immediate attention.

"We did have it on our capital improvement plan for replacement of those courts in 2017," she said, "But really they are so critical that tonight the park commission voted for a budget amendment for 2016. So, we could move forward with those tennis courts this year."

With more than 900 acres of parks and nearly 30 facilities, these are the only two tennis courts in the Meridian Township Park System.

The park will continue to be revamped with the courts also being striped for pickleball.

"There is a loyal contingent of folks who play tennis there," Maisner said. "We also have a large population of people who are now playing pickleball and so even though these will not be stand-alone pickleball courts, they will be stripped for this as well."

The project still needs bid documentation to be finalized, however, Maisner said we could see the start of construction by August.

The Park Commission is scheduled to meet again on Tuesday, July 12th in the Town Hall Room.

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