New Apartment Development "Okemos Pointe" Moves Forward

New Apartment Development

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Okemos Pointe project generated a lot of discussion at the June 7th Meridian Township Board meeting. The project which was originally proposed in 2015 has been an ongoing topic of conversation in past meetings.

The Township Board discussed to approve multiple aspects that will go into the future development of the Okemos Pointe Apartment Complex. The Board approved that the apartment building would support that three percent of the housing units will be designated as affordable housing for residents who have a median income below 80 percent for the area.

Local residents however questioned if the future development would enhance the quality of the Meridian community, or bring more urbanization.

“It’s important to fill the niche for young professionals in the community, and we can make room for everyone where we can get different populations to cycle through different housing types,” said Township Treasurer Julie Brixie.

The complex which will be located off of Jolly Road will aim to attract young professionals, as well as families in their one, two and three bedroom apartment units. The buildings will eventually consist of 426,600 square feet of residential housing which was approved by the Meridian Township Board.

Brent Forsberg of Forsberg Reality who was pivotal in the development of Okemos Pointe, realized there was a need for housing in the community. Three years ago him and his associates looked at the amount of job growth in the community, and the shortage of housing units there would be in the region over the next few years.

“This community will really tie in the single family home residential areas that are to the west to the Commercial District at the corner of Okemos and Jolly. Andre Duany calls it ‘city of place,’ he’s an architect that does a lot of neighborhood designs, were looking at how do we tie in this area and make it feel like it’s own sustainable area,”said Forsberg. "Some of the unique features of this complex is it's all designed around walkability, and we are connecting to the trail system. You will be able to come in off of Meridian Township's trails and have access to the linear park system we have and also use the market," he said.

The new complex will be built on an underutilized construction yard, and will expand as much as 467,800 square feet of planned unit development north of Jolly Road, west of Jolly Oak Road and north of Farrins Parkway.

"When this community is built out we want everyone in the lansing region whether their moving here or just coming to visit the amenities to feel welcome, and feel like it's a real sense community. We really want to bring that sense of place and pride to this area of Meridian Township," said Forsberg.

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