Higher Student Enrollment

Higher Student Enrollment

UPDATE: OKEMOS - Okemos Public Schools approved the budget for this year in June, it was then that the board discussed some of the monetary cuts they would be needing to make.

Robert Clark, Okemos Public Schools Director of Finance said, "the board determined that they were going to pursue a balanced budget and by that I mean revenues would at least be equal to expenditures and in order to accomplish that, we had to find roughly 4 million in cuts and or revenue enhancements.”

In November, a revised budget was presented to the board which included an increase in revenue of roughly 450,000 dollars which changed the look of the budget approved in June. The reason behind this was an increase in enrollment

There was expected to be a loss of approximately 80 kids this school year, however, there was only a loss of 24

Clark stated that only time will tell and in the next 60 days the district will know a lot more about what the enrollment and budget might look like for next year.

ORIGINAL STORY: OKEMOS - Okemos school district is provided with some relief in their budget due to higher enrollment.

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