National Bike Month- Bike Safety Tips

National Bike Month- Bike Safety Tips

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It's springtime and many of you may be dusting off your bike and heading out on the roads.

Before you do, make sure your ride is a safe as possible.

People love to ride their bikes and for Okemos Women Bike Club Leader Ann Readette staying safe is key for all cyclists.

"It's very important for people to be extra cautious prepared and to do what you can to be as safe as you can when you are on your bike," states Readette.

The first step to keeping yourself safe is understanding what type of bike is right for you.

If a bike is too small or too large, it could cause injuries.

Your bike should have the right style for the roads.

Bikes with narrow tires or road bikes have small tread and are intended for the road.

Mountain Bikes have wide tires and are designed for off roads.

Having appropriate bike attire is another way to keep safe.

Choose bright colors and reflective material on your clothing to be visible to motorists.

invest in a good pair of cycling shoes.

Attach a light to your helmet .

Add a bright light to your bike to warn drivers or even consider adding a horn.

The biggest safety tip to remember is to always protect your head by wearing a helmet.

When you are final ready to hit the road, remember your abc's check your : air pressure, brakes, and chain.

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