Cooks to Supersede Duda as Superintendent

Cooks to Supersede Duda as 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Michael Duda, the Superintendent of Haslett Public Schools for the last 12 years will be retiring this June. 2016 marks his 40th year in public education, 25 of which he spent at Haslett.

He was recognized on Tuesday, May 17th during the Meridian Township Board meeting for his passion, commitment and dedication to education.

“Well thank all of you for the great relationship that I've enjoyed with the township for the last twenty five years and I would like to say this to you; It has gotten better over the years, I think that we've got some great board people right now that are supportive of the Okemos Public Schools as well as the Haslett Public Schools and speaking on behalf of the Haslett Public Schools this evening I want to tell you how much I appreciate all of you,” says Duda.

The current Finance Director for Haslett Public Schools, Steve Cook will supersede Duda.

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