Triple-Threat at Haslett High School

Triple-Threat at Haslett High School

HASLETT - For Haslett High School Senior Hannah Vogelsang working hard is something that she learned at an early age. “I first actually saw her out here when she was a middle school student and our varsity team was out here practicing one day, she came with another girl and they were practicing on the lower courts and I kept looking over at this little girl who was such a good player and dedicated at such a young age,” says Henry Brunnschweiler, Head Coach of Haslett Varsity Tennis.

Hannah comes from a family of tennis players, her mother played collegiate tennis at Northwestern University and Hannah grew up playing the game at her grandparents house in Iowa until she moved to Haslett in third grade where she started taking lessons at the local athletic club. She has worked her way up over the years becoming one of the best on her team, “She will be our number one singles player which on that team is quite an accomplishment because I know we have some very good players,” says Darin Ferguson, Haslett Athletic Director.

She was not only good at tennis from a young age, she also found a knack for music. “I started singing in choir in sixth grade and my parents have always had lots of music on in our house. In seventh grade I got this gig singing with a professional jazz musician at a bar and I got to sing with his band and so that’s how I met my voice teacher,” says Hannah.

Hannah is a performer starring in musicals and competitions, she says it is a huge part of her as a person and the culture at Haslett High School. “Music is a really big thing for me, I do a lot of jazz and musical theatre and I do a lot of competitions throughout the year.”

She not only excels in tennis and music but she also excels in the classroom as well. “Music and academics are my number one thing, and then I do a lot of tennis too and in the spring I kind of I focus on tennis more just because of the season but singing is definitely something that I do year round and it’s a really big thing for me.”

Juggling all three can really take a toll on someone but Hannah handles it very well. “It’s tough obviously maintaining great grades, being committed to athletics, music and other things like that so for Hannah to still have a 4.0 at the end of high school just speaks volumes about her dedication to her academics and just knowing her over the years I’m not surprised,” says Brunnschweiler.

Her hard work and passion do not go unnoticed drawing attention from her family, coaches and even the Haslett High School Athletic Director, “She’s probably one of our best at finding a balance between numerous activities. I know she’s involved in the musicals, she obviously plays tennis, she’s a 4.0 student and I’m sure she does a lot of things outside of school as well, so she’s frankly just one of the best at Haslett high school at doing that because it does it takes a lot of time to learn that,” says Darin Ferguson, Haslett AD.

Not only is Hannah setting an example for the team but she has become a role model as well. “She’s overall just a very talented person, she’s good at almost everything she does. She’s very good in school especially in math, and she’s very intelligent in general. She’s great in tennis and I know she works really hard with that and with singing,” says Sophie Vogelsang, Hannah’s younger sister who is also on the Haslett Varsity Tennis Team.

Hannah plans to attend the University of Michigan where she will continue singing, performing and has hopes to join a club tennis team. She will major in a field involving mathematics.

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