Flint Water Crisis Protesters Rally in Front of Governor Snyder's Office

Flint Water Crisis Protesters Rally in 
Front of Governor Snyder's Office

LANSING - Protesters gathered in front of the Capitol building and Governor Rick Snyder's office in Lansing to speak up about the ongoing Flint Water Crisis.

A group of about 20 people showed up and held signs to support the rally that filmmaker Michael Moore helped organize.

Moore has been very outspoken about the issue since the crisis first emerged in the media. He has collected signatures from over one million people, according to published reports.

The signatures call for Snyder's resignation and, if necessary, prosecution.

Neil Sroka, Communications Director for Democracy of America and Metro Detroit resident, said he is inspired by the people who showed up and by all of the signatures that were delivered to Snyder's office.

"It's hard to feel good about what happened to the people of Flint," Sroka said. "Their governor and his executive branch poisoned the people of Flint, and from everything we're seeing come out indecent days, he played a role in covering up that poisoning of the people of Flint."

The signatures come from members of MoveOn.org, Democracy for America, UltraViolet and Michael Moore.

"It's good to feel that people are taking action and speaking out and calling for his resignation. That's the only way justice can really begin for the people of Flint, with the resignation of the leader who perpetrated this crime," Sroka said.

Other residents of Michigan also feel strongly about the issue. Clarence Clark, resident of Lansing who has property in Flint, said he wants to let Snyder know that he is responsible and should pay for what he did.

"It's not okay to poison our kids," Clark said. "He should be stuck in jail. They made the decisions to change the water, it wasn't the people of Flint that made the decisions."

Protesters also revealed an ice sculpture that read "Snyder Poisoned Flint." The sculpture was dyed brown to represent the water in Flint.

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