Two Of Meridian Township's Police Lieutenants Promoted At Police Ceremony

Two Of Meridian Township's Police 
Lieutenants Promoted At Police Ceremony

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Many individuals dream of getting that big promotion at work and being acknowledged for their hard work and dedication to the job. Well, for two law enforcement officers…that dream came true this evening.

Lieutenants Ken Plaga and Greg Frenger moved on up as they were sworn in to their new positions as Assistant Chief and Captain.

Police Chief David Hall spoke at the podium pointing out their very best qualities as police officers in his opinion.

"I should note that both these lieutenants are very worthy of these promotions. They're very knowledgeable, they're my go-to people to ask questions and they're my go-to people for special tasks."

He continued, mentioning…

"They're well respected in the law enforcement field, leaders of the department, reliable and I depend on them all the time. Exceptional representatives of the department…I go away for a conference and I don't worry when I go away."

Plaga was hired in as a police officer in 1995 where he was promoted to Sergeant in 1999. He moved on up to Lieutenant in 2005 and now he has officially taken on the role as Assistant Chief for the Meridian Township Police Department.

"I am very proud to promote him to Assistant Chief," Chief Hall stated.

"I'm proud to be part of this department…the people that work here are wonderful," Assistant Chief Ken Plaga stated.

Frenger started in Meridian Township in 1992 where he was promoted to Sergeant in 2001. In 2010, he moved up to Lieutenant and starting today, is taking on the role of Captain for the police department.

"The people I've worked with over these last 24 years have been just phenomenal…I'm very pleased," Captain Frenger said.

Both gentlemen were called separately to the podium where they raised their right hands and were sworn in as they took on their new titles.

Their wives came up to the front of the room, pinned their badge to their uniforms and the room was filled with an ovation.

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