Haslett School Tests Water for Lead Levels

Haslett School Tests Water for Lead 

HASLETT - Haslett Public Schools is one of the first districts in Meridian Township to speak out about its water since the Flint Crisis.

Since the crisis, schools have been an especially large target among concerned parents who want to make sure their children have safe water to drink.

Last fall, the district decided to test lead levels in all of the buildings in the district.

"We decided to be proactive and basically decided to do testing in all of our buildings to make sure that if we did have some issues, parents calling that we could already say that we had already done the testing," Finance Director Steven Cook said.

In Nov. of 2015 the school contracted Myers Plumbing to test lead levels in all of the district's school buildings.

The water samples were sent to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Drinking Water Laboratory in Lansing for examination.

"We tested all the water sources coming into the buildings, then subsequently we've tested all the drinking fountains and any public water source at all of our buildings," Cook said. "We got reports on every one of the buildings that our water was clear," Cook said.

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