Meridian Township Water Quality Gets Good Marks

Meridian Township Water Quality Gets 
Good Marks

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Flint, Michigan has unfortunately been dealing with a corrupted public water source for many months now. Born from switching water sources, city officials deny that residents have been exposed to high levels of many caustic materials, most infamously lead.

While there has been no large outcry in worry over Meridian Township's water, the Township Board decided that it didn't want to play loose with public health and well-being. They scheduled the Manager of the East Lansing-Meridian Water & Sewer Authority, Clyde Dugan, to report to them at their Feb. 2 meeting.

They liked what he had to say. Dugan provided a wealth of information regarding the service and quality of water that the Authority puts out, and happily answered all questions with direct and detailed responses.

Dugan's ultimate point was that Meridian Township's public water is completely lead free. In fact, Meridian's water has never come close to being deemed unsafe since at least the inception of the Authority in 1974. The Authority has been testing its tap water regularly since 1992 for corrosive impurities.

Its latest testing was in September 2015. No contaminants were found. As with all testing reports, the report for 2015 will be made public soon.

The only lead reading above zero in recent memory was found to have been caused by cheap internal plumbing of the home it was taken from. Even that reading was far below danger levels.

This led into Dugan's tips that even though the public water is clear, lead solder was not outlawed until 1986, meaning that homes older than that are at some risk of slight contamination. This was the case for the home mentioned above, which again was still below danger levels.

Dugan also pointed out that homes on private well water are also at higher risk since that water cannot be monitored. Though, as long as the well was made to code, those homes should still hold true to the 1986 as well.

For anyone still concerned over their water, Dugan suggests letting the tap run until the water is cold before using it for anything other than washing and cleaning. Water can be tested through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Ingham County Health Department, the Water Authority, and any certified commercial lab.

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