Meridian Township Celebrates "Christmas in the Village"

Meridian Township Celebrates

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Last weekend, the Meridian Historical Village hosted their annual Christmas in the Village event. Even though the Township hasn't seen much snow lately, the village was still full of Christmas cheer.

All of the buildings were open to the public, and food and gifts could be purchased for just a few dollars. The entire village was decorated in the spirit of Christmas, and a lively group of carolers even made an appearance.

Kids were eagerly lining up outside the red barn to get their picture taken with Santa Claus. The event ended with a short speech from Santa, and the lighting of the big tree next to the barn.

The turnout for the event this year was at the highest it has ever been.
Volunteers of the Meridian Historical Village were over the moon about this. Elaine Cowen, the current Treasurer of the village, was particularly pleased, saying, "We're just so grateful that people will come out and see the village."

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