Tips for Bicyclists To Stay Safe During The Winter

Tips for Bicyclists To Stay Safe During 

EAST LANSING - Tim Potter from MSU Bikes hosted his first winter bicyclist safety class of the season was created to teach citizens tips on how to stay safe on a bike during the winter months.

Visibility is one of the most important things to consider while biking. Especially at night, when it's snowing, drivers might have a hard time seeing you. Wearing bright colors is the first step to being extremely visible. A few other tips include attaching lights to your wheels, and attaching reflectors. Side visibility is also important, make sure to make a habit of wearing bright colors that cover your entire body including your sides.

In order to help keep yourself warm despite freezing temperatures you could look into 'bike pogies' they go over your handlebars, that way instead of wearing heavy gloves you can wear a thinner glove and be able to feel your bike shift without losing too much heat.

Another tip, to keep yourself safe, is to wear layers. Having a water-resistant layer on top is a good idea. One issue with wearing layers, however, is that while you're biking you'll be generating heat. Keep track of yourself, and remove layers if you have to in order to make sure that you don't overheat.

Something to consider, especially in Michigan where the roads and sidewalks can get extremely icy, is investing in studded tires. A quick google search will show you either how to make them yourself, or where to order them in your area. The studs help with traction, and if put in at the perfect angle won't make too much noise while you bike.

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