McCurdy Family Keeps Their Goats

McCurdy Family Keeps Their Goats

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The McCurdy family was given notice over the summer that their property was not properly zoned to raise their five goats. Since then they've been to many different Meridian Township meetings, fighting to be able to keep their goats.

The community signed a petition, they even have a Facebook page titled "Save the McCurdy Goats". On November 17th at 11:28pm they were able to make a post, updating their supporters on their situation.

"Meridian Township is rezoning our property! We saved the goats! Thank you everybody for helping the township see reason. Power to the people!"

The post was recognized with 92 likes, two shares and over 22 comments. People who supported the rezoning, and wanted the family to keep their goats were able to celebrate this win.

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