Sing Your Heart Out For A New Musical

Sing Your Heart Out For A New Musical

EAST LANSING - When thinking of musicals, The Phantom of the Opera...Mama Mia...or even Hairspray are all popular Broadway shows that spring into our minds. But lucky for us, a new musical is coming to town and there's nothing more enticing than a sneak peak of what's to come.

"For Tonight" is an indie-rock/folk love story taking place in 1832 which is centered on powerful themes of family ties, loyalty and acceptance. Three siblings seek to find themselves and are inspired by the gypsies who once shared their home.

"It's this beautiful story about home but it's ultimately about two communities who are very different and disconnected and how they sort of embrace fear...and it's not until they embrace what makes them celebrated and special and unique that they come together through love, home and the power of music," stated Joe Barrows: Director & Choreographer of "For Tonight.".

"To me, it's a lot about 'what is home' and the difference between who you are with family then who you are finding yourself as an individual," stated Broadway performer Hannah Elless.

Elless plays the role of a a young girl named Morella in the new musical.

"She's a lovely girl who's adventurous and full of life and looking for something more," mentioned Elless.

Elless grew up in Michigan attending Western Michigan University when she received the opportunity to be in the musical Mama Mia. Shortly after that, she made her Broadway debut in Godspell which really jumpstarted her musical career.

Currently she is working on a musical called "Bright Star" which is written by Steve Martin and Edie Burkell.

"I'm very thankful and very happy to be musicals are my favorite thing," Elless mentioned.

Elless along with Broadway star Adam Theodore Barry, local high school students, and the MSU Musical Theatre and Dance students are collaborating for this once and a lifetime event.

"For Tonight" will hit the stage at the Wharton Center on Friday, October 23rd at 7:30pm as well as Saturday, October 24th at 7:30pm.

"Come out and have a new experience, see something new, hear music you've never heard of before," Elless stated.

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