Maintain the Septic System and Protect Your Home

Maintain the Septic System and Protect 
Your Home

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you see sewage and soap suds are ruining the carpet and furniture in your basement, and foul smelling water is puddled in the yard, they mean that your septic system is failing. To not let this happen to you, the Meridian Township informs some important tips to how to properly maintain your septic system.

Here are things that you can do in order to protect the septic system:
• Don’t use excess water. Using too much water is the single biggest reason for system.
• Don’t add additives, they only harm your system.
• Don’t direct excess rain water to the area where the septic system is buried. Water from the septic tank travels through the laterals to drain through the soil. If the soil is already wet, the water may back up in your system or pool on the ground. Make sure downspouts and yard drainage are directed to other areas of your yard.
• Do install risers and inspection ports. Because the system is buried, it is difficult to inspect to check for problems leading to a malfunction. Small inspection ports are easy to install and can allow inspectors to easily check your system.
• Do get a yearly inspection. An annual inspection of the lateral lines will reveal possible problems.
• Do check septic tanks for damage every three years and pump out solid material when needed.

Proper maintenance of your septic system prevents the spread of infection and disease and protects water resources. It also protects your home and investments.

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