Environmental Commission Approves Wetland Use Permit

Environmental Commission Approves 
Wetland Use Permit

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Environmental Commission discussed a Wetland Use Permit in their short meeting on October 7. Once the Commission found out the purpose for the permit and enhancements it would produce, they seemed to agree that the recommendation should be approved.

"We've reviewed a number of things, but relatively few of them have been this sort of positively oriented. They've been more about how do you fit some things in with a construction project," said Vice-Chair of the Environmental Commission, James E. "Ned" Jackson.

Haslett resident, Cory Chvala plans to create a deep water area and wetland enhancement beginning at his residential property. The permit will improve and diversify wetland functions and improve wildlife habitat.

After hearing the remarks from Chvala, Commissioner J. James Kielbaso made motion saying, "I move that we accept the consultants report which recommends going forward with this project."

The motion was seconded by Commissioner John Sarver.

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