Safety Tips for Halloween

Safety Tips for Halloween

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Halloween is all about crazy costumes, bags of treats, and visiting neighbors for more candies! Everyone is already excited for this year's Halloween. Here are some safety tips from HOMTV to help you for a happier Halloween holiday.

1. Wear comfortable costumes.
Avoid wearing very long costumes to prevent from tripping. It is always a good idea to attach your number, address, and the child's name somewhere inside the costume. and avoid high heels.

2. Map out a safe route for your trick-or-treat.
Always carry a flashlight and walk on sidewalks. Make sure to only stop at the familiar homes, and young children should have a parent with them.

3. Check out all treats before eating.
Only eat unopened and originally wrapped treats. Don't forget to inspect the homemade goodies.

Please welcome kids with the outside lights on, and drive slowly in the neighborhood.

Following these tips, this year's Halloween would be so much fun and joyful.

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