Municipal Buildling Parking Lot Improvements

Municipal Buildling Parking Lot 

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - If you've tried to visit the Municipal Building within the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed a slight change to the area. The entire parking lot has been torn up and is in the process of being improved.

The decision to begin construction on the parking lot was made because of the high number of potholes and cracks. The parking lot has not seen any improvements in over 20 years. The state of the parking lot has become a liability, with increased chances for trips and falls. However, once the construction is complete, the new lot will be in perfect shape.

Unfortunately, due to the changing weather, progress on the lot has slowed down. In addition, the soils they have found underneath the lot are causing problems as well.

Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works & Engineering Derek Perry has commented on this, saying, "We've had to spend some time undercutting and removing the bad soils, and replacing them with something that's better".

The construction team hopes to have the project completed by next Friday.

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