The Meridian Township Police Department Celebrates Sergeant Lana Howell

The Meridian Township Police Department 
Celebrates Sergeant Lana Howell

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Keeping the community safe is nothing new to sergeant Lana Howell.

"I've been with the Meridian Township Police Department for 20 years," said Howell

You could say it runs in the family.

Howell said, “My father was in law enforcement, he retired from East Lansing police department and so when I was young I was exposed to police work at a young age and was very interested in becoming a police officer.”

20 years later Sergeant Howell is a supervisor over her own.

"As a patrol supervisor I'm in charge of five or six officers that work out on the road with me," said Howell

In efforts to expand her skill set she volunteered to attend Michigan State University’s command school.

Meridian Township Police Chief David Hall said, "It makes them better sergeants, and gives them a perspective of what the administrative side of things look like.”

The course consisted of 6 months of classroom training such as webpage development, budgeting, and social media.

"The most eye opening was budgeting, going through that process it was tedious. It’s something I can put on my resume, they see that It’s a leadership and command type training," said Howell.

In her years of police work, she enjoys working with children the most.

“The one thing that I enjoy the most is interaction with kids, they always want to know have you shot somebody, and no I haven't I had to shoot at anybody but been close."

“She's a good road sergeant she knows her stuff, knows how to make command decisions. I go home at night when she's not he shift not worrying about anything,” said chief Hall

Sergeant Howell is winding down her career and plans to retire soon.

“I have a young son so I want to be able to device more time to his schooling and his activities," said Howell.

Sergeant Howell says she couldn’t see herself being anything but a police officer.

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