Okemos Flies High in 7on7 Scrimmage

Okemos Flies High in 7on7 Scrimmage

OKEMOS - The last time we saw Okemos football, it was just a few degrees above zero and it was also the game of their playoff run. Despite the chilly end to the season, the Chiefs are looking to build on the strong finish that they created at the end of last year.

Today was one of many camps the Chiefs are taking part in to get ready for the upcoming season. Today's focus, was the 7 on 7 passing shell as they took on Charlotte on their home turf.

The defense was flying around all afternoon, picking off several passes and showing solid technique in their zone drops as well as man to man coverage. On offense, there were some drops but on the whole, the Chiefs look primed to build on what they started last year. Several Okemos running backs were able to create big plays out of the backfield as well. Overall, the defense won the day.

Okemos' first scrimmage will take place on August 20th, at Fowlerville and their first regular season game is August 27th at home against Mason.

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