Township Halloween Activities

Township Halloween Activities

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Halloween wasn't just about trick or treating. At least not for kids who visited Meridian Township's Halloween Events. Meridian Township celebrated Halloween at the Police Department, all three fire stations, the Harris Nature Center, HOMTV, the Meridian Historical Village and the Farmers' Market. The Meridian Township Police Department hosted an annual open house and this year, more than 300 visitors showed up. Visitors got to try uniforms, touch weapons, and ride the police car and motorcycle. Kids weren't the only ones excited about the event. Parents who came along with them listened carefully on cops demonstration about daily duties and weapon instruction.

All three of the Meridian Township Fire Stations were also open for visitors. Kids got to climb into a fire truck an ambulance. Residents were also able to visit the Harris nature Center, enjoying both indoor and outdoor activities. There was a campfire, pumpkin pinata and a hayride. Crafts and pumpkin decorating were some of the indoor activities. Despite the rain and cold weather, hundreds of people attended each event.

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township celebrated Halloween at several different locations this year.

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