Road and Sidewalk Upgrades in Store for Meridian Township

Road and Sidewalk Upgrades in Store for 
Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Attention Michganders: orange barrel season has arrived.

There are a number of projects planned in the Meridian Township area happening from now through the end of summer to improve roads and sidewalks.

One of the major projects this construction season are the improvements to Lake Lansing Road. The improvements include adding a center left turn lane, making the road more bike-friendly and upgrades to underwater plumbing systems.

Meridian Township is planning on fixing up sidewalks in the District 9 Everett Hills and Everett Farms neighborhoods.

"Walkability is a big important item and goal for the township," said Meridian Township's Assistant Township Manager/Director of Public Works Derek Perry, "By eliminating those trip hazards, but also improving the neighborhoods, the look and the feel."

Perry said the sidewalk upgrades take place on a rotating basis in each township district every summer and can help to increase property values.

Some residents are curious as to what makes a sidewalk slab bad enough to be repaved.

"I walk with my little girls and my dog and my wife frequently around the neighborhood, and we see slabs that aren't marked and say 'well, it's just as bad as this one over here that is marked," said Meridian Township resident Casey O'Donnell.

Residents are encouraged to be patient with this summer's projects and follow suggested instructions and detours.

Other projects in the Meridian Township area include resurfacing of the town hall parking lot and the road repair and bridge work along I-496 and US-127, which will result in multiple lane closures in the area.

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