Severe Weather Awareness Week Geared at Educating Citizens

Severe Weather Awareness Week Geared at 
Educating Citizens

LANSING - The week of April 12 through the 18th is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Michigan, aimed at educating citizens about how to prepare for, and stay safe, in harsh conditions.

The main focus of Severe Weather Awareness week are the three common types of severe weather in Michigan during the warmer months: floods, thunderstorms and tornadoes.

Floods have an increased focus this year following the August flooding disaster in Southeast Michigan, which resulted in a State of Emergency in the area.

Mid-Michigan did not see a significant amount of dangerous weather last spring and summer, but Meridian Township Fire Chief Fred Cowper said the fire and police departments are well equipped to handle a disaster, and that the safety of residents is their number one priority.

Cowper said tornado sirens and the Sheriff's Office Emergency Resource Operations Center are valuable resources for residents when it comes to severe weather, but so is the technology at their fingertips.

"The advantage that we have today is most people carry a phone," he said. "They have weather on there, or they have the ability to turn on the TV, listen to the radio, whatever it might be to have warning that there could be a change, a change that's coming." ยป

Cowper encouraged residents to simply observe outside to be aware of changing conditions at times when severe weather is in the forecast.

A statewide tornado drill will take place at 2pm Thursday, April 16th to encourage everyone to practice their safety plan in case of a tornado.

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More information on Severe Weather Awareness Week is available on Michigan Committee for Severe Weather Awareness' website:

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