Vikings Hurler Erin Panter a Humble Leader on the Field

Vikings Hurler Erin Panter a Humble 
Leader on the Field

HASLETT - Haslett junior Erin Panter is ready to live up to high expectations this season.

But then again, Panter has been ready for the big-time since her freshman year.

"I was on varsity as a freshman," said Panter. " I was a starting pitcher that year. And that ended up happening, I don't really...I couldn't tell you why, but I guess I was good enough to be there, and I was so happy to be there."

Haslett head coach Dan Ruhstorfer has been keeping a close eye on Panter's softball ability and dedication to the game since she her days in middle school summer leagues.

"Obviously it's a commitment to play summers and falls and to commit to the sport that she likes," said Ruhstorfer. "So it's easy to pick someone like that."

Panter's stellar career has not been without its obstacles.

"She played all last year with a torn labrum, and played the whole year in the outfield," said Ruhstorfer. "She couldn't pitch. Basically would throw the ball underhand, but still could swing the bat."

"It was definitely a huge setback and I'm still recovering from it, but it's a long process," said Panter.

Panter will serve as captain this season, helping the Vikings adjust to a roster full of fresh faces.

"Most of the girls haven't played together," said Panter. "We only have five returning starters, and it's not gonna be the easiest season, but we need to work hard to pull it off."

Panter has taken it upon herself to ensure the team becomes close, both on and off the field.

"They have team things, bonding stuff that the girls do, and that's all because of Erin," said Ruhstorfer. "She's in charge of all of that."

Ruhstorfer said Panter's work ethic makes her a role model for her teammates.

"She puts a lot of time in and extra lessons for pitching, and hitting, pitching, everything," he said. "She always comes early, always stays late, works hard."

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