Plans Approved for New Weight Room at Okemos High School

Plans Approved for New Weight Room at 
Okemos High School

OKEMOS - The Okemos School Board has approved plans for a new weight room at Okemos High School.

A 2,000 square foot addition will be added to the current weight room. The project will be funded through the district's Building and Site Sinking Fund. Construction is expected to start in early summer with the intent of being completed in the fall.

This new space-and also some new equipment- will help take Okemos' weight room to a new level as a strength and conditioning area.

Okemos High School Athletic Director Ira Childress said the improvements will benefit physical education teachers and students as well as student-athletes.

"The strength and conditioning room will be used by all of our student-athletes and also our P.E. department," Childress said. "It's very important for our P.E. department for all of our different classes and having a classroom and having instruction in there...and then also it's important for our student athletes to get stronger, but also work on some plyometrics and things of that nature."

In addition to improvements to the weight room, the School Board also approved a plan for Okemos High School to replace the floor in their rubber gym during the 2016-2017 school year.

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