Going on Vacation? Make Sure Your Home Stays Safe!

Going on Vacation? Make Sure Your Home 
Stays Safe!

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Going on vacation? The Meridian Township Police have compiled a list of things for you to do to ensure your home stays safe!

1. Ask the police to check your home and patrol your neighborhood more closely while you are gone.

To request the police to check your property while you're away, call 517-332-6526. You can also fill out a property check form by following this link: bit.ly/17wK5kv

2. Stop mail and newspaper deliveries, or have a trusted neighbor collect them while you are away so that they do not accumulate.

3. Also ask your neighbor to remove any advertising flyers that are deposited in your mailbox or around your door, driveway, or lawn.

4. Secure all doors, windows, pet entrances, and garage doors.

5. Transfer valuables to a safety deposit box.

6. Place timers on indoor lamps and appliances to illuminate your home at night, and set timers to turn on radios and televisions randomly during the day.

7. Check that no bulbs are burned out on your indoor lamps, outdoor lighting fixtures, or low voltage lighting system.

8. Arrange to have your landscaping maintained or your driveways and walks shoveled.

9. Keep some shades and blinds up and curtains open to maintain a normal appearance.

10. Have one trusted friend check your home, inside and out, each day.

11. Do not indicate that you are on vacation on social media.

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