ZBA Unanimously Approves Variances for Superior Brass Property

ZBA Unanimously Approves Variances for 
Superior Brass Property

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) voted unanimously to approve variances for Superior Brass to expand and improve their facility at the Feb. 11 meeting.

Superior Brass is locate at 4883 Dawn Ave. The owners, Dawn Avenue Properties, L.L.C., recently bought the property across the street, 4884 Dawn Ave. There are four buildings total on both properties.

The variances will allow Superior Brass to make changes to their northwest building, including a new roof system, a minor expansion, and a concrete porch and walkway.

The variances also permit the company to construct a new parking lot with 14 feet of landscape between the lot, as opposed to the 20 feet normally required by township ordinance.

ZBA Vice Chair James Hershiser believes the renovations will improve the large industrial area where Superior Brass is located.

"It's really the only industrial area of its size in the township," said Hershiser. "We have, I think, maybe three other lots that are pretty small and this will be by far the nicest thing down there."

In keeping with Meridian Township's ongoing effort to be a green community, the ZBA also praised the environmentally efforts of Dawn Avenue Associates, L.L.C, which include the a new pointed roof that will allow for river runoff as part of the renovations.

ZBA Chair Brian Beauchine issued his stamp of approval before the official motion passed.

"I think I really like this," said Beauchine. "Just so you know, if there's a motion to approve, I'm in favor of all of it. I really like what you've done with the green space."

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