November 8th: Voting Day

November 8th: Voting Day

UPDATE: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The General Elections are just weeks away!

ORIGINAL STORY: MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In just a few short weeks voters will head to the polls for the General Elections. November 8, 2011 residents across the state will take part. The nominees will mostly consists of school board candidates, although Okemos elections will also include a millage increase. Meridian Township Clerk Mary Helmbrecht wants to be sure local voters are aware of a very important change taking place during this year's elections for Wardcliff Elementary School Voters.

"That school has been closed by the Okemos Schools and those voters were just recently each sent a post card indicating that they would be voting at the Township Hall for this upcoming November election."

Also, Haslett School voters should note their elections took place in May and therefore they will not vote in November. Voters can check the Meridian Township website for their respective voting locations.

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