Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Halloween is a time for costumes and candy, but young or old there are a few things you can do to make the event a little bit safer.

"One of the biggest hazards at Halloween time is slips, trips and falls. and that is either due to costumes that are too long for the child or props that get tangled up with the child's legs," said Susan Carter, executive director Greater Lansing Safety Council.

Face paint is a safer option then masks. But if the child is going to wear a mask make sure that they can see well consider altering the mask to improve visibility. Not only is it important that trick or treaters be able to see well but they must also be highly visible to motorists considering the rise in auto related Halloween accidents. If the costume is too dark consider adding reflective tape to the back.

"If you do plan on having trick or treaters make sure you check for anything that may cause tripping hazards in your yard," Carter said

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